No stranger to the limelight Luscious Kisses born Kquiana Rice is more than just a pretty face and sexy persona. This Baltimore Native has used her hustle mentality to master many fields from being a world renowned Porn Star, being a featured Exotic Dancers alongside some of the well known, owning a high end boutique, designing signature pieces for exotic dancers in her area, being an on air personality for a well respected broadcast, and making music that is receiving awards even without a major record deal. Her fans appreciate her motto of expressing your self freely and without worrying about someone passing judgment. Her very strong aurora has grabbed the attention of the masses and her two single "Pretty Pussy" & "Rent" has debuted during the NYC Core Dj Retreat, Baltimore's Spring Jam, and she took the stage to open up for Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Cardi B, Young Thug and more. Commanding the attention of all those in ear shot and the eyes of all scrolling through Instagram, Luscious Kisses is taking her celebrity status to the radio airwaves with award winning Adult Talk Radio Show "IWANTLUSCIOUSTV", television networks, national blogs, and urban print magazines and giving them another view into her world of sex and trap music. With icons like Lil Kim and Trina in her memory of the greatest to ever do it, she's infusing her sexiness into the music industry with the same appeal as the legends. Her life is like an epic episode of any urban reality show and she's not stopping until she conquers everything she on her to do list. 👄.

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